Can You Stand It?


I am so excited to try new things around town I can hardly stand it. You know how it is when you move to a new place. At first, you’re so scared to go out and meet people that you barely know how to go from your home to the grocery store. Thankfully, we all need to eat or else I don’t think that would.

I think that if I could get back into the way that I have done in the past, I think that we would be able to get a little more progress and a lot faster.

What Successful People Wish They Knew In Their 20’s

In a recent review of wealthy individuals they were asked what they would do differently if they knew then what they know now. The answers were somewhat similar with the cliched follow your passion being mentioned often.

Mark Cuban said credit card debt is the worst investment ever. he said even if you are using it to make investments and you consider yourself the master of the stock market. The interest saved is better than any return you will get with most investments. He suggests you pay your balance every month.

Blake Mycoskie of TOMS shoes said it is all about the passion. he feels that if you put aside the desire to make the big salary in your 20’s and work on something you are passionate about you will be far better off in the long run.

Alexa von Tobel had maybe the most interesting answer. This CEO of said you need to have a business plan starting out. Of course, you also need to work the plan but Alexa adds that having no plan is a business plan by default.

It almost goes without saying that they all mentioned living below your means and saving as much as you can for later in life. Solid investing in long term strategies was a key part of the discussion as well.

But perhaps the best advice is from Tim Ferriss of the 4 Hour Work Week fame. Mr Ferriss suggests working with where high level skill sets are learned . He says the education you can get from skilled negotiators and deal makers can lead to making millions instead of following that consultant job that will have you making $100,000. Now, I am off up north to look for lice removal Sandy Springs Ga

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The Best Way To Get A Home Insurance Claim Check Fast

You buy protection for your home in the form of insurance. This is an expense you hope you never have to use but when you do there is a way to get the claim check much quicker and get on with your life much sooner.

According to an insurance executive with Hanover Insurance Company the quickest way to get the cash you need to replace valuables lost in an unexpected event is to have an up to date list of the valuables items in your house.

He said to make sure the list is continually updated and contains things such as serial numbers for the big items like TVs and computers. Of course, your smaller devices that have serial numbers such be recorded as well. After the break in or tornado is not the time to be concerned with serial numbers.Free Stock Photo: Flames rolling over the ceiling of a garage fire.

Taking pictures is also a good idea and should be updated at least once a year. Your jewelry can be appraised and a record of them kept by your favorite jeweler as well as your own list.

Don’t forget to list the smaller items like CD’s, DVD’s, and XBox type games at $15 to $25 or more per item the cost can add up quickly. You might even get reimbursed for those CD’s you had made after taking advantage of the superior singing method review.

Obviously there will be some items that cannot be replaced whether they hold sentimental value or are one of a kind items but receiving a reimbursement for them will ease part of the pain of the loss.

The best time to get a list done is now. Once it is done it is a good idea to update it after major purchases, after Christmas when many new goodies are added to your household and the first day of spring. Why the first day of spring? No real significance except that updating your list often and  regularly means you will be prepared if you ever need to file a claim.

Kids- You Can Love ‘Em But Can You Afford Them

In the mind of most Americans the thought of having kids at least some day is a normal thought. For many they want children as soon as possible while some are happy to wait. In this writers mind waiting is a good idea for everyone. However, the longer you wait the more it will cost to raise the little rug rats.

These little bundles of joy start costing you the moment you find out of the pregnancy and the bills may continue to pile up for up to 25 years–or more. The cost to deliver a baby at this writing is about $32,000 for a normal delivery and up to $50,000 for a cesarean section.

For $50,000 you better be a doctor when you grow up.
For $50,000 you better be a doctor when you grow up.

But that is only the beginning as the needy little money suckers have to be fed and clothed not to mentioned diapered until you can potty train them. The cost of one diaper is about 50 cents and it is terrifying how many diapers a newborn can go through in a day.

But that is only the beginning. You have to buy them toys and clothes and spit up rags. As they get older you save money on spit up rags but clothes get more and more expensive. In fact, I think this is why people are also looking into guide such as an aquaponics 4 you review , because it may help save in expenses.

Don’t get me started on day care. A family can spend as much per year on baby sitting as they would to send the money drain to college for a year. Which brings up the subject of how will you pay for college? This expense is added to the total from the previous 17 or 18 years. When does the madness stop?

So what is the total the US Government estimates in will cost to raise a kid from birth to age 18? Almost $250,000! That will buy a nice vacation home or in some places a very nice home to confine the heathens in until you can let them loose to fly the coop.

I hear all you bleeding heart out there saying “but it’s so worth it. The memories, the good times. All this column can say is you have been warned.

Getting The Best Price On Your Flight

When it comes to booking a flight it seems the airlines are playing games with your mind. In the morning it is one price. In the evening it will be a totally different price and if you wait a day you might wished you had booked that seat that seemed to be so expensive. 

FareCompare has been in the business of helping travelers get the best price on their flights for ten years and have compiled a few tips that will help you when looking to get the best price for your next trip.

Pick The Right Day(s) For A Better Deal On Your Airfare

The day you fly makes a difference in the price you pay. Historically for domestic American flights Wednesday is the best time to fly for bargain hunters. Tuesday and Saturday come in a close second and third.

If you want to fly on Friday and Sunday be prepared to shell out quite a few more schekels for that convenience. People going for weekend trips or returning from week long trips drive the demand and those heading for week day business trips tend to leave on Sunday and come back on Friday.

Pick The Right Day To Shop For The Best Deal

When looking for the best price for your next flight start shopping on Tuesday at 3pm Eastern time. The airlines put out the lowest prices at the time. Shopping from then until Thursday will sometimes give you the best price but of course demand for the seats rules the length of time the discounts remain at that price.

The moral of this story is book the ticket on Tuesday and fly on Wednesday. Oh by the way, if you are using the comparison sites to find the best price don’t forget to check the low cost airlines like Southwest. Companies like Southwest don’t allow their prices to be shown on the comparison sites so it will take a few more clicks and keystrokes to search them but it may pay off handsomely for you.

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Good Places To Live With Low Cost of Living

A look around the country at cities that are nice to live in and have a lower cost of living brought up an interesting commonality. It seems that large university towns seem to fare well on the list that was presented by the Kiplinger Report.

Another common trait was the cities were not on the east or the west coast except for Durham, NC. The top ten most livable cities with lower than the nations average cost of living were mainly in Texas and the midwest. Durham, NC is on the east coast breaking that trend but is also a major college town so it fits the profile.

The Texas towns on the list were Round Rock, Temple, Denton, and Corpus Christi. Of the three Denton is the true major college town being home to North Texas State University. Temple and Corpus Christi have smaller colleges available and Round Rock is 20 miles from the University of Texas so semi qualifies on the basis of proximity.  Here is the round rock the city is named after.


Other cities in the top 10 include Norman, OK which is where the University of Oklahoma resides and Lincoln, Nebraska home of the University of Nebraska.

A little farther north you will find Cedar Rapids, IA on the list which is neither in Texas or home of a major university. It did however make the 2013 Kiplinger list of Best Cities for Cheapskates.

The farthest city west on the best places to live with a low cost of living is St George, UT. Sitting on the Arizona Utah border, St George does have a university in the city called Dixie State University but is better known for its Mormon Temple and heritage.


Can A Major Retailer Survive Without Selling Tobacco Products

CVS, the nations 12th ranked company on the Fortune 500 list, is on track to remove all tobacco products from their stores by the first of October. The company says tobacco and health are just not synonymous and can no longer offer health products alongside products that are deemed to cause illness and death.

The is a bold decision by the company which expects to lose 2 billion dollars of revenue by making the move. Some stores have already emptied their shelves and have put quit smoking products in their place. Some even have free products to help quit smoking that includes a booklet that details the savings of the average smoker if they no longer have to shell out for the costly bad habit.17336_wpm_lowres

Investors in CVS evidently have confidence in the decision by the upper level management of the company as the stock has gained 22% since the announcement of the tobacco removal.

The company is also changing its name from CVS Caremark to CVS Health to punctuate the new move. The signs on the 7,700 locations will not change so many people will never know of the name change but many will sure to notice the missing tobacco.

The question this site is asking is can the company remain profitable after making such a radical move. Company executives they can counter the loss of revenue with increased sales in the health portion of their business. Will enough people dessert the store for the competition to cause a major unexpected loss of income. I guess only time will tell but our fingers are crossed and hoping the move pays off handsomely for them.

Where Your Money Goes Farthest

Even though inflation is taking its toll all across America there are some places where the cost of living is low enough that people can make their money stretch. If you are thinking anywhere on the east or west coast think again as those are prime spots for high taxes and even higher food and commodity prices.

The south and midwest are the places  where your dollar will go the farthest. These areas tend to also have lower average annual incomes so it helps level the playing field. Here is a look at the comparison of what a hundred dollar bill will buy in different areas of the country.

Mississippi is the national leader for value for your money. The low cost of living and price of everyday items makes it the best place for your hard earned cash. Mississippians  can buy almost 16% more than the national average.

Compare that to the District of Columbia which is the highest and can buy only $84.60  worth of merchandise for the same $100. Hawaii, New York, and New Jersey came in the next spots on the low side at $85.32, $86.66, and $87.64.

Comparing the state of Kentucky to the District of Columbia would show that a person in Kentucky would have to make $13,000 more a year to keep the same standard of living in DC. A $40,000 income in Kentucky is equivalent to $53,000 in DC.

Other states on the low end of the cost scale are Arkansas at $114.16, and Missouri and Alabama at $113.51. So if you are looking for value you have a few choices.

One component of the equation is the state income tax. The rates are lower in those states that rank the highest for the most part and higher in those that are on the low end. California has the highest state income tax at 13.3% while six states ( Washington, Wyoming, Nevada, South Dakota, Florida, and Texas)have none.


Baseball and Apple Pie

There is nothing better in the world of sports in my mind than the Little League World Series. Twelve and thirteen year old boys playing the game at a very high level. Showcasing their talents in front of thousands of fans at the baseball park there in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and millions more on TV.

The 2014 tournament is much like the prior meetings but has a twist this year. A girl is playing for the Philadelphia team. There have been a few girls make it to the Series before but none of them were able to do what Mo’ne Davis has done.

This 13 year old young lady from Philadelphia threw a shut out in her first game at the series. That has never been done by a girl and it may be awhile before it happens again. She did it using only 70 pitches which is also a good feat in itself. By limiting her throws she is able to come back and pitch again after a two day rest which is good news for her team.

There are other stories of note coming out of the series like the 4′ 8″ dynamo from Mexico  that blasted a ball out of the park and the 6’4″  player from Puerto Rico who is – well 6’4″. Then there is another girl who plays for Canada who was just inches short of hitting a home run herself.

The Little League World Series is everything you want from sports. Good plays, good hits, great pitching, and great sportsmanship. These kids truly play the game because they love it.

Another thing I like is saving money and taking control of my future. After reading the earth4energy review I now know there is a choice when it comes to where I get the electricity for my home.